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Tax Preparation

tax prep

Filing your own income tax return can be a chore that leads to more questions than answers. A study conducted by the United States General Accounting office last year reported that 71 million, or 77%, of taxpayers felt that working with professional tax specialists were a definite benefit to them.

Present tax laws are so complex and often difficult to understand, regardless of what we think about them. Preparing even a simple return can be complicated. Some directions are too confusing. It’s just too easy to overlook allowable credits or deductions you are permitted to file. Even with today’s computer software applications, there is no replacement for the valuable experience that skilled tax professionals have to offer.

Our tax preparation service will give you…

  • A thorough examination and re-examination of your return by our specialized software to uncover possible problems the Internal Revenue Service may identify and inspect more closely. We review each and every calculation to minimize possible contact.
  • You will receive a quicker refund using our electronic filing system.
  • Our team will teach you how to revise your payroll withholding amounts to get additional money back each week. We don’t believe in in giving the IRS interest free loans for as long as 16 months.
  • We point out potential deductions to regulate your tax liability for the following year. Also, we have a list of commonly overlooked deductions compiled for you, which also controls next year’s tax liability.

Are your books an unorganized mess?
We’ll take care of that too. If you run a small business and haven’t kept your bookkeeping in shape, don’t fret. It’s not a problem. We’ll organize your annual bookkeeping, complete a full Schedule C, and prepare your personal income tax return as well. Then we’ll assist you with setting up a simple system that leads to tip-top bookkeeping organization for next year.