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Part-Time CFO Services

Part-Time CFO Service

Expanding businesses often arrive at a point where they would benefit from professional financial advice, but don’t have the funds to employ a full-time controller or CFO.

If you’re prosperous enough to be in this situation then we have an ideal solution for you. Our Part-Time CFO service provides you with a qualified financial manager who supports you to direct your business to achieve success.

The expense of employing a full-time CFO can stretch from $60,000 to over $100,000 per year plus benefits and other supplements. Our Part-Time CFO services deliver qualified assistance for a smaller portion of that rate.

With our Part-Time CFO support, you receive all this…

  • More opportunity to concentrate on new services, new clients and other important business matters
  • Improved oversight of the financial properties of your business. You’ll get less unexpected turns and a better grasp of company funds
  • Better decision-making competencies from a stronger understanding of the core numbers of your company.
  • An immediately accessible professional to assist you with those complex business decisions and help you refine your business goals
  • The peace of mind recognizing that a professional is protecting, managing, and constantly enhancing the financial branch of your business
  • An expert who develops strong financial direction in your company to decrease employee theft and heighten profits
  • Monitoring and training and your accounting personnel
  • Higher quality and expediency of financial material
  • Budget planning and oversight
  • Profitability evaluation of service or product branch
  • Tax saving approaches
  • Trend study
  • Support in clarifying long-range goals and the quantification of plans
  • A professional connection to vendors, attorneys, bankers, insurance representatives, etc.
  • Cash supervision
  • Aid in securing financing from banks, including guidance with negotiations
  • Analysis and/or mediation of insurance policies
  • Manufacture of business accounting procedural regulations
  • Examination of equipment expenses, purchases and expansion, etc.
  • Acquisition and mergers and guidance
  • Customized collection procedures and guidelines