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Make 2016 a Better Financial Year

Posted on: January 26th, 2016 by grobecpa No Comments

Make 2016 a Better Financial Year

If you want to achieve more business success in 2016 than you had in 2015, strive to make positive changes to your financial practices. It’s a simple but insightful concept. Change opens the path for improvement. Carrying it out can be daunting yet motivational at the same time.

Start by asking yourself what you’d like to change to excel this year. Here are some useful steps to take.

Define Your Vision

A well thought-out vision statement helps keep eveyone in your organization on the same page. It promotes looking at the bigger picture of daily accomplishments. What happens to the world when consumers use your product or service? How are their lives enhanced after they’ve done business with you?

If you haven’t clarified your business mission and vision statement, consider this as a serious assignment in 2016.

Develop New Routines

Which company habits limit its advancement? Which ones drive it ahead? Select one fiscal system that cost you the most in 2015 and pledge to eliminate it from 2016. Determine a routine that generates wealth and fulfillment and intensify it.

Give Up!

Sometimes we must surrender before progression occurs. What do you need to drop? Are there employees or customers in your world that suck life out of you or your bank account?

Create Your Support System

Is your business under-staffed? How you oversee your time is critical to success or its absence. If you are spending too much time with lower-end responsibilities, it’s not easy to elevate your income to advance professionally. Allow yourself support to accomplish tasks that can be appointed to others, including personal projects in addition to accounting, bookkeeping and tax preparation. Delegate customer service duties as much as possible.

List jobs where support would be useful and hire workers to fill in those gaps. You can utilize assistants, reliable contractors or other small business to create an effective support team.


What undertaking would make an enormous transformation if you could carry it out? Concentrate on huge payback strategies and focus on one, even though it may seem intimidating. Try to visualize the positive change it would make in your company, and then get motivated.

Choose Grobe and Associates to help you make 2016 a year of anticipation, hope and enthusiasm. Call one of our Madison WI Certified Public Accountants today at 608-210-1200 for ideas and inspiration.