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Cash Flow Management


Our cash management service enables you to…

  • Realize when, where, and how your cash needs will arise.
  • Be aware of optimal sources for meeting your extra cash demands.
  • Plan to sustain these needs when they crop up , by maintaining positive relationships with bankers and other lenders.

An initial element for avoiding a cash crisis is utilizing our service to compile a cash flow projection for your company. We can support development of both monthly or weekly cash flow projections to help you direct daily cash, and long-term (annual to 5 year) cash flow projections to help you prepare the necessary capital approach to satisfy your business needs.

We also compile historical cash flow statements to gain an understanding of where all the cash went.

Developing an exact cash flow projection is just one of the numerous cash management services we offer. We also assist with…

  • Acquiring a suitable line of credit
  • Cash collection acceleration methods
  • Proven successful collection strategies
  • Proven efficient payment guidelines
  • Help gain the maximum rate of return on your inoperative cash