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Bank Financing


Need funds to expand your business?

Asking for a business loan without enough preparation conveys a clear message to the creditor that you’re are a high risk. For this reason, it really does pay to be organized and prepared in your strategy for financing.
Make your best impression by applying our competency to prepare a persuasive loan proposal for you. Our proposals have a high probability for success because they’re developed with the lender’s perspective in mind.
You’ll receive the funds you need because we understand precisely what banks want to see. More importantly, we have the technical knowledge to demonstrate to creditors that you’ll be capable to repay your loans.

Our effective loan proposals are finalized with…

  • Executive Summary: Where we clearly and thoroughly state the function of the loan, the concise amount of funds involved, an exact description of how the loan will be used and why it’s necessary.
  • Financial Statements and Pro-forma Cash Budgets: We apply your information and straightforward expectations to compile data that your lender can easily understand and accept without dealy.
  • Owners Personal Financial Statements: We present copies of the last 3 years of personal tax returns for the lender as well as describe guaranteed collateral as security for the loan.
  • Representation: We help verify your financial standing/needs to your lender in person.

If you’d like to discover more about borrowing the money you need to expand your company, please complete the form below.